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Go Ahead Turn Around And Keep Walking Away

Apr. 25th, 2005 01:14 pm MAJOR Rant Time

Okay...I've gotta admit that I've become a more understanding person over the years, but there's still something I cannot stand. I can't stand bitchy, whiny, moody people who snap at me for no reason. I understand that whatever problem you might have you'd think is the biggest one in the world. I can guarantee that someone else is suffering even more than you. But you being a fucking asshole about it does not solve the problem!

I have problems too also. Did you think of that? Did the fact that I might have had more stress in my earlier years occur to you? Did you even begin to think that maybe just maybe....things were harder on my end? I was yelled at and insulted for years. By people just like you. Who, of course, had the worst problems in the world.

Let me spell it out for you.

  • Bitching about your housing? Well be fucking glad you've got a fucking ROOF over your head.
  • Can't get all the foods you want? Be glad you have money to feed your fucking self!
  • Can't have the designer clothing you want? Would you prefer to be naked you ungrateful wretch?
  • Oh, you can't get the car you want. Well boo fucking hoo. Be glad that you actually have a mode of transportation outside of on foot or even......shudder the thought - the BUS. EEK! I know the idea of public transportation must terrify you.
  • Oh I hate my job. Blah blah blah. Do you even have an IDEA of how hard it is to get work when you've got no job experience? I'd take that job of yours with its grueling hours and fucking enjoy it! Do not forget that it is because of that job you hate that you are able to pay for your "pitance" of housing, food, running water, clothing and gas for the car you despise?
  • I never get to have fun anymore. If that 'anymore' refers to only having fun on the weekend...Tough titty. Get used to it.

There are people in situations a helluva lot worse than YOU.

Now, I'm not saying that it's completely wrong to have complaints, but when you use your complaints to explain why you won't help someone else...well that's downright pathetic.

Oh and FYI, if anyone's wondering what caused this?

I have a particular situation. My girlfriend, the love of my life, is in a heap of trouble. She's looking for housing but she can't afford much. She's got her mother and grandmother whom she takes care of. Ya know....ya'd think that family would step in and help right? Wrong. Her aunt is a bitch who has been tormenting her for years. And now the three of them are really in a bind and the damn woman is making things even worse. She is getting depressed and not eating much at all and I'm really getting worried. I don't have the funds necessary to help her pay for a great place. But what was I doing? Last night, for 7 hours I had been on my computer searching through renting websites looking for an affordable place for her in the places specified. Had to stop and get sleep. Yes, I said specified. This bitch of an aunt actually gave her a fucking list of where she'd help them move to. 8 cities. You'd think: "Well hey! 8 isn't so bad!" Believe me....8 is bad, especially when places with idea prices come up and you get excited only to find out that these places aren't in one of the cities on the list. Understandably with little hope, I'm starting to get frustrated and would turn to friends for help. And since friends are friends, they'd at least suggest a website or something I could go to, right?

Wrong wrong WRONG. Now I'm not counting out one of them. I've only asked two people. The guy I asked, you'd think he would refuse but NOOOO. No. He had no problem with me asking. He and I are friends. *nudges him* But the woman I asked, who I thought was a great friend, just immediately stated how hard it was for her to find food, told me to save the pity story when I mentioned my girlfriend might not have months...I'm fucking serious about that. And promptly told me to leave her alone.

Yeah. That's friendship for ya. -_-

That's fine though. I'm sick of walking on fucking eggshells around her.

To the guy though.....thanks man.

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